Chiba Chemist - Helmet Jawz [IND​-​002]

by Chiba Chemist/IKYL

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Chiba Chemist – Helmet Jawz [IND-002]–-helmet-jawz-ind-002/

Inductive Resorts to Inflicting Mental Plagues
By Unleashing a Mental Manes from the Label`s First Album: Helmet Jawz

April 13th,2011 (Tokyo, Japan)

On May 24th 2011the Tokyo based music label Inductive will release their first official album entitled,
Helmet Jawz. Inductive embarks on a mission to globally advance listeners` music experience
by combining eccentric lyrics with esoteric sounds.

Bearing this mission in mind, Inductive unmasked the Helmet Jawz album,
which is a psychological slush of rhyme, reason and racket. Helmet Jawz consists of 12 tracks.
The theme of the album is experimentally abstract in sound and lyrical content.
Chiba the Chemist draws from an archive of songs that span from 2006-2010,
with help from producers Audace, Crane 11 and Ces2 he weaves an imaginative mural of music.

Chiba the Chemist says “This album is for the kids in terms of musically and lyrically being accessible.
He goes on to say “I smurfed a lot of my R-rated and X-rated lyrics and ideas on this project
cuz I wanted this to be a gateway album that all peoples could rock”.
“The album has an awesome range of music and lyrical variation which I think is thumbs up
anyway why call yourself an artist if your not going to break from the norm”.

Indeed, from the start of the Helmet Jawz album, Chiba the Chemist plugs the listener into an
alternative matrix of abstraction. The album`s lead producer Audace emerges the listener
into electro ominous quazi-hip hop experimental tracks, Crane 11 extends a boost to the album
with bass strong jazzy and dub/bounce tracks. Ces2 rounds out the line up with a spacey yet classic
sample strong hip hop track.


released May 24, 2011

All Lyrics/Vocals by Chiba Chemist /IKYL
Helmet Rising (Intro)/Drenchrome/Red Rose/Rune Kawasaki/No Apologies/Break out the System/Head Strangers (Outro)/Dope
Produced by Audace
10 Pacez/To Whom it May Concern/Son of a Gun
Produced by Crane 11
Wicked Alabias
Produced by Ces2
Recorded at Grafitti Studio * 805
Mastered at the FUBAR Cave/Koenji by XLII
Artwork by Justin Sereni/Faroah Sharp



all rights reserved


Inductive 東京都, Japan

Inductive is a tokyo based organisation that covers the gaps in language and culture to provide sound and music regardless of genre or style. taking it from street level to the highest quality level as national boundaries blur Inductive is on point in asia ... more

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Track Name: Rune Kawasaki [She Jumped]
Ok...her shadow takes long walks crying I guess...

He said did you witness- no I didn`t
2:43 am knocking on my door in the storm---trooper entered
Asking questions in garbled sentences

steely eyes what did you hear \?
I always hear footsteps in the stairwell
Echoes tell their own stories if you listen and pay attention

What do you feel ? she said---who said?
It`s all mundane hollowness of her eyes with one glance explained
Reasons why I asked her ---no I couldn`t--- understand her--- it was to late to answer

Well was it a death in the family? babies...I looked up from the window accidental watering---
Sunning daisies- In the window baby-sitting/ Sitting babies descending dropping toppling plummeting

Was she depressed? desperate? demented? delusional diverted or divergent during descent?

talk about never black-n- blue lines around her wrist--around her thighs- under her eyes
sometimes- one time arm was in a sling...and that was weird---what was weird? well....

she was smiling like a thousand diamonds-she like to waltz in the hallways--stuck in stalls---not much lace to her words
Her mouth full of concrete windows---

She ate venom while Bird`s fingers cried the serum

oppulent she saw the problem but didn`t help to solve them
hands were cold heart`S a stone not everyday`s a poem
like...she was...she was in debt? a boyfriend? an ex?

couldn`t repay-became a brothel slut spit slapped and erased
easy she thinks--me thinks---mental error or maybe ummm...errored mentally
I mean it was an emotion well.. what she`d been thru
like what she went thru

Wednesday nites to wet windows---
termites eating the foundation that hold the blankets--
She took comfort coldly/ the extraordinary was only plain-ness
excurtiating- painless

drenched in--E&J to get the feeling-- every nite---like she felt worthless
nothing changes--who took her head trip of strangeness?
and the wind was cold in the summer--Remember? red eyes? why you cryin? why you lying?
walking streets quietly dying-

people stare blankly walking by then---
far below no more smyphonies---some walked crooked
But she---smiled petrified with lost hope in her life

Fried on her face with lies---no more tear drops to dry
Along the roof of Rune Kawasaki
she looked Up----when she jumped....
Track Name: Wicked Alibias
verse 1:

while McCandless wondered into the wild alone/ some of us emotionally starved and died in that bus at home
from coke cloned nostrils/ to preaching to your favorite bottle apostles

then back to the club to find a chick who`ll play nurse to your dr. in the hospital

A little game we call: float up creek with the other pieces of shit creep

remember cloak your sith motive<when twisting minds> when flashing a vader mask
keep the face underneath hydrocloric acid corroded

with wicked alibias under a cruel sky
surrel for real
deeper then a ...deeper then a....hump like a snow hill

captain of this ship but you might catch wreck...

ready, ready,READY Break...

with wicked alibias under a cruel sky

verse 2:

the son of bastard chimp mastered a facist limp<loaded>
from the canon to pistol river

with deliverance into the wilderness and a heart for material- LESS militant
should`ve packed a defence for this credence
clear water kayak down a silo
pinholes in the bottom to slowly drown in spirals

smothered in the laughter of a swing hiel inside the bridal party
its smallish/damn its lungfish

dragging like mudpuppies mimicking an axe swing at the ankles timbering peaceful siblings
drag that leg connected to a prosethic foot in yellow chuckie tees

oh by the way-

why booze hounds howl a rusty flunkie`s creed in vagrant huddles
with latent rebuddles/ drunk in Flavor Flav clocks lookin like Dali must of
painted those from the shameless pose and lusting or the way the seconds must of dripped down our throats

of course we crushed --lined out!!!---
where hairless rats take one way trips and rides down spine mouth


verse 3:

the kid who held rings threw rice at your wedding is the same kid who supplied ya groomsmen with dice for illegal betting

lets not be satisfied with this conflict scenario/ like Nash we`ll compromise, kiss delusions good-bye then receive a prize

to standing -o`s cheers with barely any barley in a beer mug wary
b-cuz fortune favors the brave/ unfortunately she also enjoys yawning graves/<and collecting slaves>

and since principles wage war from a distance- we`ll have to train for long range accuracy consistantly
then cleverly announce sainthood
wrapped in cobra skin windbreakers and steadily shed that persona on dance floors with girls and salt on their rim shakers

next pour in the tequila/lick and squeeze her back to soft sernades and stumble staggered binge drunk seizures

then finally return to our regularly perscribed patteren of forming the angled trajectory that would bless us with a popeless vatican
and gremlin back to the tavern to gwawk in shock,shrill and scream an act like<what a horrible accident>

Track Name: No Apologies
I ditched the the down trodden district- where dons divorce distortion for the dimwits
discipate diversity by dividing the divine and disobedient and call it discipline
are you listening?
dude do another downer-
get dsylexic with death- Ringo? Doc Holiday yup!
a dandy screaming your no daisy delighted
more like a dogged tooth violet, dog trottin in the dog fight
wit your dome dinged domestic violence---Your a Riot!!
I`m just down to earth and down with the dissidence
that deal a double down burst, down play your down fall then dissovle at a distance
devolving developing dew claw devising
devestating dust storm devices
and blow the dirt up in the clarity, dispencing dibbles with ink
devoted digital dexterity- divining rods to detect the dilletantes and dodgy disco diseal
dingbats discovered devil dimble dwarfs disfigured detriot
by dispursing drunks discharge dejected like dutch elm disease to disguise
discord epeletics---who don`t---- discriminate dispicable damsel demeanor and don`t
demoralize desperados dasterdly deeds either!
I`m a debilitator of dictators destinys and details of their dreams deletor
--a really hero--- nope --a really zero--- yup
a daisy chain of dynamite and depth charges dugg deep up in the decimal
descimate descriptions into debris---then whut?---
demolish the demographic of demoniod disciples and leave?
the dutchess with Cheeb--duck down and dance up out the door up to the derby
7:30! bets on the dark horse- damn rite I`m dominate or you could say DOPE!
when the dame discover the dispatch by the demi-god that read
stop doddlin lets ride a dobbin to the donnybrook darlin!!!
dazzle deadly darts decapitate the deacon- peace to the Danish, dutch, drug store and druggists- dwarf dragoon
double whammies to all the dunces--stay dormant--Chiba Chem!--- dimorphic
double talk all thru your discussion and bring doom down to your door step
a dash of destro---no do rite duddley is he daft? dipped with down syndrome?
does he ride dreadknots in ponds and laugh? at deuce dildos
your a dounut distraught- your a do not distrub sign dropped--- a dexter lab mutt and wanted
to be the doc!
but lets not deflect,
lets not demolish despot departments, lets not demerit disorderlies dinky deliveries of delauded
lets not even demote dumbwaiter debacles
but yo! damn it
discinergrate all bling rapper dynasties
duffle dispose deposed dignified doxologies
detonated defracted dick face psychologies
and then design a dot matrix where druglords duel over dopemine

no apologies(repeated)
Track Name: Son of a gun
1st verse
Dimble dwarf wander trax head bumble bee rank in
Betty Crocker’s thimble course
Imposter rock them galoshes with you monster

With your chest stuck out stout like Guinness cloudy like a tempest range rover and dislocate any dimwits/darkly out the scanner speak Tonka-

Super size fries with Willie wonka-Tickets, my was gold chipped my prize my gift-words flowing like streams in dreams- rivers in teems ocean to laser beams
Thru an alien radio sonic scream the data

Battery powered pens from the equator means erratic
Jazz along the horn blower on the honna didn’t know the skies he poppin in his veins rain and turn his grey brains slowly darker

I prefer burly manes toxic green skin and street fighter with balanka
Then Viking out the hills with born horn helmets thorn torn axes sworn mourned frenzied swing attackers

On the mic like never strike one but out the park till midnight bright and
moon shine in your cup never runs and speak in tongues bathe in flames

u wanna a lick of that? when speech hits the speaker its Greek fire stuck to the spine of your wood wicker shack-

Smolders like the face of a self combust flame blower
Who spits poems stifled in the city we spits forms effeiled

Thru scripts and wit spit stones at rivals in mental mind jungles where only the sickest test the limits in psychological silos

I don’t nee to be the one-
I’m a sun of a gun the frenzied feeling that corkscrews thru ya spine

Do I crack backs or crack minds (repeated)

2nd Verse

Fuck a speaker Nazi sound disciple, I bang fluid that puts holes in ear drums of sub0sonic psychos, sub atomic bio, pull that plug and flat line all vitals

Wince or grimace, reek and menace, weep like a guaranteed lost when its Brazil versus the Flemish- to all pop star gangsters you a pack of cigarettes
Commercial rolled killers
But when its time to get wet you wilted

I never shot delauded but have gone down screaming banzai! In the cockpit
Woke up to the feeling of static tingling ass teeming in the mosh pit—
Fiend/ ovaltine sensation instructed to add spirit- this time they called him the chemist

For self-experimentation a real sicko and salivated septic verses like serpent spittle
A gypsy and studied in class with a gas mask—know how your brain rocks triggers—
Don’t miss fire synaptics like skeet shooting in the Poconos

Releasing clay pigeon pox now that’s bold
Strolling thru Southie black as coal- saying bartender another round of Jameson’s for 2 Irish nickels

Here’s to Danny boy-throw it back- and whistle sounds ricocheted shattered skulls resemble plates killed him—the guard of my own prison- the reason I now hunt in the back alley corridors of the mind listen

News from the guinea pig grape vine suggest
Another tawdry talk acid walk telepathy
Turn off radios while brain waves twizzle twin discrepancies/missile pen effigies

Thoughtful me bought `Flowers for Algernon` and almost got stone for mental leprosy

Corrosive- they taught us how to pledge allegiance and cover our hearts till it was over then we threw hoods on our heads like cobras!

Track Name: Dope
When we on the mike you know we rock so skandless
approachin the scene and we spook all bandits
cuz the flow is freaky it so outlandish
mceez try to feast on our mike but famish

don`t step to style that you never even brandish
remember sloppy joe? yeah he thought he was a manwich
but when he caught wreck yo the punk jus vanished
why panick buttons always gettin pressed?

If you feelin tense get it off your chest
captain of this ship but you mite caught wreck
we rock so hard to wreck the whole set
we rock all day and we will not rest

we rock all nite till ya hit the deck
and if you don`t believe put us to the test

cuz when it come to funk we go straight full throttle
and when it comes to drunk we go straight down the bottle
shit is always dope cuz we crush like rawlo
fuck a stadium/ we wanna rock the apollo

bite this all nite but please don`t swallow

Cats wanna lead like they was the head honcho
but cats is like sheep cause they always gonna follow
cats with them guns tryin to seem so macho
chill them cats out with burritos and a taco

And if they want more then we serve um up our motto


Dope- is what yall screamin
Dope- we keep on scheming
Dope we keep heads fiendin
Dope- now yall get the meaning

2nd Verse:

Peepin out the style but you don`t need a scope
play the scence froggy till the scence gonna croak
when it comes to being on point we gonna poke

so mceez see us coming and they best to forfiet
we step to mikes rite and you best to know it
we rock it all nite so we kinda horde it

who wanna step when we on attack?
people crowd around cause we never rock wack
spittin old slang? yeah, bringing it back
cuz when the shit is dope we lay it on the track

take it as a joke, or take it as a fact
but the people in the crowd all got our back


3rd Verse:

Now you sayin that these kids are kinda fat
If we was a burger we`d be the big mac
If we played b-ball you know we`d be shaq
we got alot of sense but don`t know how to act

when in the forest we be the lumberjack
choppin mceez down to their all just stacked
then its rite back home to polish up the axe
do what it takes but don`t just relax

go kinda of crazy like you was mad max
dj`s on the scence cuttin up the wax
Yo! dj cut us out with an ill ass Stratch!!!